A visual jewellery journal in India.  Exotic travel may be off limits right now and I feel sure that we all miss the delight that traveling to far flung places brings to our life. So let us set off for Rajasthan, perhaps the most dazzling state of India, literally means the “land of the kings”. Incredible India is ablaze with colour everywhere you look and none more so than in this exotic northern state. Rajasthanis are striking and proud and dressed head to toe in colourful saris and turbans adorned with exquisite jewellery. Hence we thought it a fitting backdrop for our “armchair travel”! A visit to this extraordinary part of India will leave one invigorated and with an appreciation for the descendants of the seductive kingdom of the mighty Rajput warriors and the Mewari forts dating from the 14th century onwards, many now converted into luxury accommodation.