Over The Rainbow

Maria Doulton from The Jewellery Editor speaks to Australian jeweller Margot McKinney about her exuberantly colourful signature style and love of extravagant gems.

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You will never forget the moment you first see a Margot McKinney  jewel. A mix of wonder and fascination, the experience is sealed in the mind. With an innate eye for colour and design, McKinney packs into jewels the abundant and majestic landscapes of her native Australia.

A ring evokes an electric blue lagoon fringed by lush vegetation; a dusky sunset is captured in cascading, tumbling translucent gemstones. With a clear preference for the gems of Australia, the shy pearl takes centre stage and lightning flashes of colour draw the eye into the mysterious heart of the finest quality opals.

All this in proportions and with an abundance of colour to vie with the bounty of the designer’s homeland, making McKinney’s jewels a luscious feast for the senses. Outsized, vibrantly coloured, pebble-smooth gemstones rub shoulders with lustrous baroque or creamy smooth South Sea pearls. A rainbow arrangement of tourmalines swirls around a stellar opal creating new harmonies of colour and texture. One seen, never forgotten McKinney’s jewels will linger in your mind’s eye.