High Jewellery Films

Creating fine jewellery is an exercise in patience, as I often have to wait several years to perfect a collection of just the right gems to create the piece of jewellery
I have in my mind. Being fourth generation in our family business I am fortunate to be able to work with the most extraordinary gem cutters in the world who offer me gems directly from the cutting rooms.
The Boulder Opals in the Totem earrings are simply wondrous and the fact that this pair of earrings comes apart so they can be worn at any length makes them desirably versatile. The colours in Australian Boulder Opal make these one of the most enigmatic gems and their play of colour is so alluring and enchanting.
“Constellation” is a rare and important suite of Australian Black Opal from Lightning Ridge which took ten years to collect. It is truly destined to become a family treasure and heirloom. Australian Black Opal is the rarest of Opal.
What a honour to be able to work with nature’s finest gems and then to work with our creative team of Sam Thies and Annie Griffiths to be able to bring you beautiful ways to view these pieces of wearable art.   
Margot McKinney