Margot's World

The McKinney Family History

Based in Australia, Margot McKinney hails from a long family tradition of luxury retail dating back to 1884. 

Shop-in-Shop at Neiman Marcus
Margot McKinney recreates her flagship Brisbane store (Australia) In Neiman Marcus, Dallas NorthPark.
Once in a Blue Moon
South Sea Pearl, Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant featuring a vivid violet blue tanzanite..
High Jewellery Films
Introducing the High Jewellery collections. Destined to seek out the very finest jewels in the world.
These Australian Black Opals are so wondrous that I surrounded them with constellations of diamond sparkle.
Journeys to the pearl farm
In flourishing pristine waters a pearl is grown, nurtured and then harvested from the most beautiful and remote location in far Northern Australia.
Exotic Abundance
From my earliest memories, I’ve been drawn to the unique textures and vibrant colours you only find in the natural world.
Brisbane Portrait Prize

When Elizabeth Barden asked me if I would sit for her for the Brisbane Portrait Prize I was honoured.


A visual jewellery journey in Tanzania.  An East African country known for its vast wilderness areas.

A visual jewellery journal in the Coral Atolls Maldives.  Sprinkled like pearls in the Indian Ocean, the Maldivian islands promise the ultimate coastal getaway.

Rajasthanis are striking and proud and dressed head to toe in colourful saris and turbans adorned with exquisite jewellery.
Over The Rainbow
With an innate eye for colour and design, McKinney packs into jewels the abundant and majestic landscapes of Australia.
Behind the scenes
The idea of exotic abundance is the creative thread that connects Margot McKinney’s striking creations.

A visual jewellery journal in Marrakech Morocco