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Lorikeet Multi-Coloured Gemstone Earrings

Flower Earrings featuring a pair of 40.84ct Pastel Green Tourmalines surrounded by gemstones including 9.04ct Peridot, 6.83ct Kunzite, 5.80ct Yellow Beryl, 5.86ct Aquamarine, 9.08ct Tanzanite, 10.30ct Mandarin Garnet, 7.94ct Rubellite, 5.84ct Green Tourmaline and 1.00ct Diamonds, crafted in 18 Karat Yellow Gold.


Gemstones details:
40.84ct 17.5x17mm cushion cut Pastel Green Tourmaline
9.04ct 11x9mm cushion cut Peridot
6.83ct 10x8mm oval cut Kunzite
5.80ct 9x9mm cushion cut Yellow Beryl
5.86ct 10x8mm cushion cut Aquamarine
9.08ct 12x8mm cushion cut Tanzanite
10.30ct 11x9mm oval cut Mandarin Garnet
5.84ct 10x8mm oval cut Green Tourmaline
7.94ct 11x9mm cushion cut Rubelite
1.00ct G colour, VS1 clarity, round brilliant cut Diamond

SKU: 010415

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